Spot the difference

Esplanade performing arts centre

Esplanade performing arts centre


Bring it up with anyone who lives here and the response is always a smirk with a nodding and knowing. It’s the Marmite of fruits - you either love it or hate it. Its smell is so pungent that it’s banned from train stations, and patients in a Melbourne hospital were once evacuated because it was mistaken for a gas leak. Hah. An apparent acquired taste, it’s been recommended that one is eased into the flavour through trying durian ice-cream, or a durian cream puff. I like to think of myself as fairly adventurous with food, but this one I just haven’t branched out on yet. I think I’m good.

Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar is a cool little area near Chinatown, just a ten minute walk from the apartment. Worth a wander. The local markets are full of tropical fruits at a reasonable price (hello mangoes). Walking along Duxton Rd I also found a cold pressed juice spot with an Instagram worthy shop display. Hipster heaven, and the juice wasn't bad either.

I see trees of green...

4 May

Singapore Botanic Gardens. Really fun, really boiling. I was reminded that I suck at pushing the wheelchair around in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Overheated game way too strong haha. Becks and I made a deal that she would try and wheel herself when she could (all that physio and strengthening paying off woo!). Overall it was great - the gardens were so pretty, especially the ginger garden and orchid garden. Almost too perfect.

Pixie moment: I am no expert, but I am on the team that believes that nature holds the answers to many problems, big and small. I often wonder what could be learned from existing eco-systems, structures, functions, forms, patterns, and then translated to design strategies and solutions. Yes that’s right, I am claiming that there is a world secret locked in the patterns of these leaves. Notice normal*.

*reference/mantra from my friend Brady in Kansas, thanks Brady.

Also, the lunch we had at one of the restaurants Halia deserves a mention. It was probably one of the best meal experiences I’ve had in the past year. I went from a hot mess to being in a cool tropical resort escape in a second. Change of demeanour. Sister went for the duck while I had the grilled prawn and mango salad. Afterwards we shared a couple of treats from the snack shop across the footpath: ginger nougat parfait ice-cream and a raspberry meringue. Both in the what-is-life category. Success.

She's out!

Spotted: Alleyway in Bugis.

Spotted: Alleyway in Bugis.

Photo seemed appropriate: Onwards and upwards because after 15 days in hospital Becks has been discharged and the first part of the stem cell transplant process is complete. Yay! For the next two weeks, the agenda is lots of rest, physio, and a bit of exploring Sing. Leggo.


Seriously. So perfect it hurts.

Apartment hunting was such a saga. First of all property managers here are terrible at replying, and secondly we had really specific needs regarding wheelchair access etc. Spirits were being seriously dampened.

Through the grapevine I found out the Dorsett Hotel we stayed at when we first arrived also have residential apartments, and with a bit of research I found a connection. One viewing and two days later we have a two bedroom apartment for the rest of the trip. 

God knows well. The apartment is so me hahah. It's also only a 15-20min walk from the hospital, I'm a 5min walk from VM's, and there's a lift in the building down to the MRT train to get to anywhere else easily. And, because it's connected to the hotel, I have access to the pool and gym. Yay yay yay.

I feel so humbled and blessed. He really showed off on this one.

Haji Lane

My favourite shopping spot in Singapore so far, each shop so full of character.