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Esplanade performing arts centre

Esplanade performing arts centre


Bring it up with anyone who lives here and the response is always a smirk with a nodding and knowing. It’s the Marmite of fruits - you either love it or hate it. Its smell is so pungent that it’s banned from train stations, and patients in a Melbourne hospital were once evacuated because it was mistaken for a gas leak. Hah. An apparent acquired taste, it’s been recommended that one is eased into the flavour through trying durian ice-cream, or a durian cream puff. I like to think of myself as fairly adventurous with food, but this one I just haven’t branched out on yet. I think I’m good.

Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar is a cool little area near Chinatown, just a ten minute walk from the apartment. Worth a wander. The local markets are full of tropical fruits at a reasonable price (hello mangoes). Walking along Duxton Rd I also found a cold pressed juice spot with an Instagram worthy shop display. Hipster heaven, and the juice wasn't bad either.

I see trees of green...

4 May

Singapore Botanic Gardens. Really fun, really boiling. I was reminded that I suck at pushing the wheelchair around in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Overheated game way too strong haha. Becks and I made a deal that she would try and wheel herself when she could (all that physio and strengthening paying off woo!). Overall it was great - the gardens were so pretty, especially the ginger garden and orchid garden. Almost too perfect.

Pixie moment: I am no expert, but I am on the team that believes that nature holds the answers to many problems, big and small. I often wonder what could be learned from existing eco-systems, structures, functions, forms, patterns, and then translated to design strategies and solutions. Yes that’s right, I am claiming that there is a world secret locked in the patterns of these leaves. Notice normal*.

*reference/mantra from my friend Brady in Kansas, thanks Brady.

Also, the lunch we had at one of the restaurants Halia deserves a mention. It was probably one of the best meal experiences I’ve had in the past year. I went from a hot mess to being in a cool tropical resort escape in a second. Change of demeanour. Sister went for the duck while I had the grilled prawn and mango salad. Afterwards we shared a couple of treats from the snack shop across the footpath: ginger nougat parfait ice-cream and a raspberry meringue. Both in the what-is-life category. Success.

Haji Lane

My favourite shopping spot in Singapore so far, each shop so full of character.