Where's the Podium

To celebrate my personal metaphorical distances traveled, an anecdote about feet.

I’m grateful for these miracles at the end of my legs, they serve me so well. However, I tend to have an issue with human contact. I get weird if people touch my feet, and I don’t really like touching other people’s either. Don’t ask, it’s just one of those things for me. On the first trip here for Beck’s assessment, she needed her feet massaged to reduce swelling. Matttteeeee. For me this was like laying down my life haha. Of course I did it, but not without being hit with mental queasiness and being extremely upset on the inside haha. Fast forward to now and I’m right in there everyday for physio, and also well accustomed to many other things I would previously squirm at. (Obviously nothing odd on sister’s part, I’m just a bit precious haha). I feel like I’ve conquered Everest. The sense of achievement equates to success stories on weight loss programs. I have overcome many adversities and barriers to get to this point. I’ll take my bow now. Thank you.