Up in the gym, just working on my fitness…

5 May

I need to stop labelling posts with song lyrics.

Life lesson of the day friends: absolutely everything you learn is transferable. Never in my teenage years would it have crossed my mind that ballet would be helpful ten years on to help my sister with physiotherapy. But there you go, haha. Becks’ physio sessions as an outpatient have me culminating everything I have learned from my dance training, dance teaching, pilates, and general interest in fitness. New challenge!

As well as the leg exercises prescribed by the hospital’s physiotherapist, we’ve also been working on Becks’ upper body strength, core, and posture, to help build her overall strength.

For rehab sake and as a marker, here’s the progress we made in two weeks (post harvest/pre-transplant). It’s probably good to note that each session was largely dependent on how tired Becks was, and whether we did physio in the morning or afternoon (mornings being a lot better).

Day 1


  • Lying down and bending knee, 10x each leg
  • Inner thigh stretch (lying down), 10x each leg
  • Calf muscle stretch (lying down), 10x each leg

Leg exercises:

  • Sit to stand (assisted manoeuvre from sitting down to standing up straight), 5-10x


  • Reaching arms straight up and down, 20x
  • Reaching arms forward and pulling back, 20x

Day 14


  • Same as above


  • Pilates hundred, 10 deep breaths
  • Upper body lifts from lying down, 30x
  • Upper body lift and reaching side to side, 20x

Leg exercises:

  • Sit to stand using one arm only (assisted manoeuvre from sitting to standing up straight), 10x each side
  • Marches (transferring weight between legs), 20x


  • Reaching arms up and down with 1kg weights, 20x
  • Reaching arms forward and back, 20x
  • Bicep curls with 1kg weights, 10x each arm
  • Co-ordination (reaching one arm up and the other hand to the nose), 40x
  • Arm circles, 10x forward, 10x back

Super happy with the progress! It was the first time in a long time for Becks working out her core and arms (not as affected by the MS as her legs) so we were able to up the anti fairly quickly. With the sit-to-stands I wasn’t as confident in responding to the MS’ own little personality, but her core strengthening still made a difference in her technique and posture. Becks was able to wheel herself around on outings for short bursts of time too. Winning all round.

Also, just wanted to say thanks to my own physiotherapist Paul Steele from Cross Physiotherapy and Pilates, who kindly donated some exercise bands to help my sister with her rehab. Thank you! 

Team Gains.