#WheelchairChronicles 2: The long way with wheels

I am completely sure we are right above the train station for good reason, because Lord knows that I would keep Becks inside the apartment all day due to extensive wheelchair mission otherwise. The other day Becks had a coffee date a simple 3.5km away. Manageable. Sure it was eight different elevator rides, two train rides, and a labyrinth in between just to get there, but nothing we hadn’t done before - our meeting point was just one stop further than our usual (getting a taxi can stress me out, I’ll save that for another post). For the most part, getting around mainstream Singapore via wheelchair is doable so long as you know the places to avoid (aka Chinatown). Orchard Rd being one of the main shopping streets in Singapore should’ve been fine. Ummm no. Closed wheelchair access paths, 150m wheelchair access detours (gah), in combination with Google sending us the wrong way and overheated brain not able to realise it, had me a flustered and furious mess. Late, lost, and wrong. Three pet peeves all in the space of 30mins. Tipping point, I cried. Hahahaha. Poor sister was so patient even though I made her half an hour late, and even bought me cupcakes afterward to cheer me up. What a world what a world, on wheels.