First week in reflection

16 April

If I had to sum the first week up in two words it’d be overwhelming and unsettling. Both words can and should be taken in both an uplifting and challenging light, but for this week probably more towards the latter. That’s ok, it was expected.

Because I was already exhausted before we even got on the plane, coping levels for large amounts of change were not at their best. It seemed to take it out of me adjusting to the heat, Singaporean culture, being a caregiver, hospital visits.. I also had to bring some work with me that I didn’t manage to wrap up before I left, and I need to find an apartment for when Becks is done with her first part of treatment.

To further fan my flame of wehhhhhh - my stomach, the pit that so often holds me together in times like this, has been letting me down like an ice cream that falls on the floor after one lick. Injustice. It clearly has issues with me diving into the Singapore diet. Never hungry, never full, but always bloated. I’ve reverted to liquids and cereal for a few days to calm the storm.

I’ve also been reminded I’m allergic to mosquito bites. 

But otherwise life is great! Comparing my woes to what my sister is concurrently facing in the hospital always keeps me in check. I’d still rather be here than anywhere else.