Chef Phoebe

I love my food. Most know I could talk for hours about this - I love trying new places, new flavours, etc etc… But there is a very big difference between eating food, and cooking it. When it comes to cooking, my menu consists of toast (really yum), cereal (really yum), or something of similar calibre that takes no more than 15 minutes. Me and hours in the kitchen is not a thing (unless it’s baking, or I’m feeling inspired, or I have friends over for dinner, that’s different).

With sister now out of hospital and it being impossible to get healthy take out here, I have suddenly been promoted to Head Chef. Where is the wide eyed emoji. So much cringe oh ma life. Supermarkets are also a rarity and fresh produce can be fairly expensive. The struggle is real.

Tonight I tried to get away with take out from the nearby Hawker Centre, but sister’s favourite part was the CUCUMBER GARNISH. So I said next time I’ll just bring her a cucumber for dinner hahaha. Sisterly love. I guess we do have a great kitchen so maybe I’ll give this cooking business a go.

Lord grant me grace and momentarily numb sister's taste buds. Amen.