New homes

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10 April

Becks' home for a couple of weeks: Ward 72 at Singapore General Hospital. Staff here are lovely and sister being sister is quick to make friends with the nurses. Some have even made the Facebook cut. Lots of adjusting for Becks with glam hospital life but overall coping really well. Core duties for me include making sure all her technology is charged and her mobile wifi working so she can be in touch with everyone back home.  I'm also twice the size of half the nurses here (lolz) so I help with lifting when I can, and I've been sitting in physio sessions so I can help Becks with stretches and exercises when she's up to it.

For the first part of the trip I'm staying with one of my besties Vera, who happens to live in one of the closest apartment complexes to the hospital. You can even see it from Becks' room (it's the building in the sun in the photo). God looking out - the chances of that were crazy.  It's just a 15-20 min walk to the hospital, but don't be fooled. The heat is no joke. Everyday I turn up to the hospital a hot mess (only in the literal sense, nothing attractive about it). I thought you love heat Phoebe, they say. Yes - I do, when I'm tanning next to a pool. There's a big difference.